Freelance Whales Are Excited About Coachella (Video) Goes Viral #freelancewhales #coachella

My bro (Jonathan Chanin) is touring with the Whales right now, doing a documentary of what is also one of my favorite bands.  A few days ago he shot this for the band and their label (Mom + Pop records) as a lead into Coachella.

I can tell you that it ABSOLUTELY wasn’t meant to be a seriously shot piece.  In fact, he and the Whales were going for something that was purposely “other / we don’t really care for doing this” (and I think you’ll see that this comes across pretty clearly in the vid…).

Well, the 40-some second piece goes and gets picked up by Youtube’s Spotlight and 170K views later, the thing is now moderately viral.  Don’t know if Jonathan necessarily loves that this is the first piece of his to be seen by, err, a rather larger number of people, but what the heck.  Sometimes things, well, they just go viral.  Nice bro.

Ah , and here’s a cover the Whales just released of Devo’s “Girl U Want.”  I dig.

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